We’re the Queens of Hearts (that would Bethany and me)

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Well, this will be super fast! We made a poster for this Lab write up, and basically the pictures show you everything! Enjoy Looking! Oh and you better not notice that Bethany glued ONE piece crooked by 2 stinking millimeters! (Obsessed!) Enjoy! We worked hard!


Heart Microscopy Lab

So, for this blog, I did something a little crazy.  And for those who know me, this isn’t a big surprise! I MADE A WEBSITE! Yes, like another website, besides this one.  It is a website for my blog post! I wanted to do something different (besides a prezi) and this is what I came up with!  So HERE it is!

I hope you enjoy reading and that it helps you understand and see that heart a little better! Thanks!

A Special Thanks To…





The Brain! What an interesting thing, right? Well, awhile back when we first started learning about the nervous system, we dissected a sheep brain! Yep, it was pretty cool!  But before we pulled out the gloves and scalpels. we had to think about how we were gonna cut the brain.  In one of my first blog posts I explained the organization of the body (here is a link in case you want to review).  Well, we could cut the brain sagitally or coronally. If you cut the brain sagitally, you would cut from the middle out.  If you cut it coronally, you would cut it like a loaf of bread.  For our brain we did both, mainly because we were a little confused! 🙂 But anyway, first we cut it sagitally down the mid-line.  Then we took one half and cut it coronally.

Once cut,  you can see the different parts of the brain; a basic part being gray matter and white matter.  The gray matter of the brain is extremely important since it is where the work goes down.  The white matter is just fat.  Who knew you could have that much fat in your brain!?

Well, that was a pretty simple overview, but it was a pretty simple lab! Hope you enjoyed the pictures! Thanks for reading!

Biopolar and Schizophrenia

So, recently in Anatomy and Physiology, we have been learning about the nervous system. At the beginning of this section we brainstormed ideas we wanted to learn about.  Well now those are coming back into play.  We all picked the topics we wanted to learn about and then got together with a partner to create a presentation.  So, of course Bethany and I were together (you can imagine how well that worked out (; ) to create this BEAUTIFUL prezi! She did bipolar and I did Schizophrenia.  I hope you enjoy! We had a LOT of fun making it! Here it is!